48 Hours Before the Lockdown: A Novella

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Bored in Lockdown?

If you're beginning to tear your hair out in the world-wide COVID-19 crisis, or if your family is driving you up the wall, here's a light-hearted distraction! Give yourself a break from reality, and delve into the world of these 12 characters instead and see how they're navigating these troubled times...

Based in Auckland, NZ, the story follows how each character reacts to and prepares for the lockdown, given 48 hours notice, as it played out in New Zealand. Scrambling, calm, frustrated, and clueless, they are flung together on a journey that takes them ever closer to COVID-19. Full of idiosyncrasies and hilarious characteristics, how do they compare to your own family?

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It’s 2020 and a new strand of Coronavirus called COVID-19 is spreading through the world. Countries are starting to go into lockdown: shutting borders, restricting businesses, and essentially forcing citizens to stay home.

This story describes the 48 hours that New Zealand spent at Alert Level 3 before moving into Alert Level 4 for four weeks (at least). The story is told from the perspective of twelve different characters, primarily revolving around one family in Auckland.

In an unfortunate occurrence, the characters all have one thing in common, and living in an outbreak of COVID-19 is about to test them beyond their expectations.

If you're interested in reading about NZ from the perspective of both local Kiwis and foreign Brits and Germans, this book will give you some insight into our special little country down in the corner of the world...

“I loved getting a bit of insight from the book! My favourite chapter I think was about [Felix’s] reaction to New Zealand and how different things are over here. Because I haven't travelled I don't know this kind of stuff.” - NZ

"I bought the book immediately and finished it in one sitting. It’s a clever and well-written book – the kind I wish I wrote." - UK

"I am astonished and utterly impressed! This is quality writing and offers great description of this moment in time.” - Germany

“I bought it! So far so good! - NZ

“I really enjoyed reading this and there were several laugh out loud moments!” - UK

“It gave me a few chuckles as I recognised some characters.” - UK

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A 55 page novella with over an hour's entertainment tucked inside its pages. Good for reading on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. An amusing story which will have you both chuckle and think; which character will you identify with?

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48 Hours Before the Lockdown: A Novella

3 ratings
I want this!